Pipeline Management

Sales activities tracking platform to helps manage your sales, track sales deals, team and clients.

Sales Pipeline Features

Deals Management

Efficiently manage your deals and sales pipeline. Keep track of customer interactions, deal progress, and key metrics to drive successful sales conversions.


Gain valuable insights into your income, team performance, and overall company growth. Leverage powerful analytics tools to track key performance indicators, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Files Management

Effortlessly store and manage all your important project documents. Organize files by project, access them easily, and collaborate seamlessly with your team, ensuring smooth information flow and enhanced productivity.


Access a comprehensive sales performance dashboard that provides real-time data insights. Monitor sales metrics, track progress towards goals, and identify areas for improvement, empowering your sales team and management to make informed decisions.

Activity log

Maintain a detailed log of all changes made to tasks, ensuring transparency and accountability. Easily review the chronological history of task updates, facilitating effective communication and tracking of project modifications.

Line Alert

Stay informed about critical events and updates through timely notifications. Receive alerts for important milestones, deadlines, and any other significant developments, helping you stay on top of your tasks and projects.

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What is Vpipe?
     Vpipe is a Sales Pipeline Management system that focuses on collecting sales data and analyzing sales activities in real-time. It is designed to help companies and organizations efficiently manage sales operations, emphasizing simplicity and user-friendly functionality.
     Vpipe reduces the workload associated with document management and sales reporting. The features are crafted based on sales principles by experienced professionals.
     Additionally, Vpipe operates on a cloud-based platform, eliminating the need for additional software installation. Users can easily learn and start using the system within a day.
Here are problems that Vpipe could help for sales team.
Vpipe is developed by an experienced sales team to address and enhance the efficiency of the sales process
  1. Difficulty in recording Business Deals/Values details as it requires manual data entry into spreadsheet program.
  2. Repetitive weekly report creation for management review.
  3. Challenges in managing and searching for Business Deals with a large volume and extensive details.
  4. Need to recalculate the value of Business Deals whenever there are changes.
  5. Setting of targets for Business Values but still lacking a clear overview.
  6. The necessity for someone to collect and archive crucial data, especially Business Values or Deal closing dates.
  7. Requirement for an administrator to summarize and improve the overall sales figures periodically.
  8. Limited visibility into one's own work history over time.
  9. The need to manually record appointments and set reminders for meetings or discussions with clients.
How Vpipe benefits sales teams?
  1. View all business deals and easily understand Business Values details.
  2. Clear and organized presentation of steps, activities, and accessed information for smooth task tracking.
  3. Precise statistical summaries and visualizations for real-time tracking of job statuses and sales outcomes.
  4. Presentation of an appointment calendar for efficient team planning and notification of activities.
How Vpipe benefits Sales Directors, Business owner?
  1. Track the working processes from the sales pipeline.
  2. Visualize all steps and activities in the sales process, including clear data and time lines.
  3. Summarize statistical results and provide visualizations for easy understanding, whether at the company, team, or individual level.
  4. Analyze in-depth data to forecast future sales and improve sales strategies effectively.
What types of organizations and businesses that Vpipe is suitable for ?
Vpipe is a tool suitable for businesses operating in B2B commerce, with sales teams involved in various projects. It caters to all industries that aim to efficiently manage their sales teams, monitor and nurture customer relationships comprehensively. It is also beneficial for executives who want clear and rapid insights into sales data and team activities, providing a crucial tool for businesses to operate efficiently.
How does Vpipe differ from systems offered by other companies?
Vpipe has been designed and developed through extensive real-world sales trials over an extended period. Vpipe allows users to customize and adapt the sales process on their own. It features key multidimensional sales dashboards that enable continuous real-time tracking of activities and sales figures.
Is Vpipe CRM software?
Vpipe is a system that focuses on working in the Sales Pipeline Management section to manage sales team activities. This allows managers to have an overview of the team's operations. Therefore, there is no functionality related to front-end systems or accounting within Vpipe.
On which platforms can Vpipe be used? Is it compatible with mobile devices?
Vpipe does not require any program installation at all. It operates on a cloud-based platform, allowing users to conveniently access the system through an internet browser on various devices, including PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. This enables sales teams to work from anywhere at any time, without the need to return to the office for document management or sales reporting.
how can I apply or sign up Vpipe?
You can register and use the service here.
How does Vpipe calculate service fees? Is there a charge for storage space used to store data?
The service fee is based on the number of users, starting at only 5,000 Baht per month for 5 users or 60,000 Baht per year, with no additional charges. There is also no additional charge for storage. Customers can upload sales documents and store them all in one place on the Vpipe platform, making document search and organization convenient.
Is there a trial available?
You can try using Vpipe for 30 days, free. You can learn and experiment with real tasks. You can register here.
Is there a tutorial on how to use Vpipe or a guide for new customers?
Vpipe is designed for easy use with a friendly user interface that allows users to learn how to use it in real-scenarios within less than 1 day.
How does Vpipe manage data security?
The data is stored on a database that is encrypted using the Software Infrastructure on Google Cloud for maximum security and reliability. User access is facilitated through a login system using the user's email as the username, and the user sets their own password, which is securely encrypted in the database.
How does Vpipe manage the system upgrade/update process?
The system will be updated or versioned approximately every 3 months to ensure that the system operates in a modern and highly efficient state. The development team will notify users in advance of the update/version change timeframe. Additionally, these updates or version changes have no impact on customers to provide a seamless and trouble-free user experience.
Does Vpipe have a support team?
Vpipe is a user-friendly system that can be learned independently. If you need the team to teach you how to use it or encounter any issues in usage, you can contact us through the LINE Official Account @vpipe. We have a support team ready to assist and answer any questions.
Feedback or seeking contact for advice
Contact us for advice or send feedback at :
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/vxipcompany
Email : [email protected]
Line OA: @vpipe
Who is VXIP? How is it related to Vpipe?
VXIP Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to creating innovations and is committed to providing modern Automation solutions that meet the demands of businesses in the era of high-speed technology. We develop concepts that align with rapidly changing situations to enhance business operations, ensuring efficiency and maximum effectiveness, within the necessary budget constraints, including both CAPEX and OPEX.Vpipe is one of the platforms developed by VXIP.

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